Leading manufacturers rely on the MOLL Kamina truck

  • very long cycle life

  • outstanding cold-start performance

  • extremely high performance

  • highly vibration-resistant

  • extra long-life under extreme operating conditions

  • MegaGrid Technology: durable cast grid with special new design and increased plate surface

Stronger, more vibration-proof, longer life.

Development and improvement for decades. Product quality on highest level for decades. Experience for decades. And pure power. This is MOLL Kamina truck.

  • the MOLL hybrid technology guarantees the highest cycling performance. Ideal when the battery is used regularly as a source of energy.

  • high-quality gravity-cast grid with MegaGrid technology ensures higher corrosion resistance and a substantially longer life span in vehicles with high daily road performance.

  • the MOLL hybrid technology meets the most stringent requirements for low water consumption (maintenance-free) according to EN 50342-1.


  • MOLL Kamina truck batteries meet the most stringent requirements for vibration resistance according to EN 50342-1, level 3 and beyond. The use of a special partition wall seal, the patented MOLL Schneidring (intercell sealing ring), and the special fitting of the plate groups into the cells ensure that the MOLL SHD ensures vibration resistance even over a lifetime of many years.

  • filling holes closed with flashover-proof plugs allow refilling under extreme conditions and after incorrect use.

  • higher lead operating weight, improved performance, longer lifetime.

  • the MOLL Kamina truck Super Heavy Duty: OE Quality “Made in Germany”

MOLL Hybrid Battery

The MOLL hybrid truck battery has a significantly better cycling performance.
This long cycle life is a result of the combination of two different alloys for the production of the MegaGrids. For customers this means - particularly against the background of many consumers - the longest possible lifespan, provided that the battery is always sufficiently charged.

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