Extra Fast charging through Nano Carbon Technology

  • Significantly improved cranking performance

  • Suitable for vehicles with many electrical consumers

  • Manufactured with the know-how from the original equipment

The new battery of MOLL provides significantly improved charge acceptance

Many electrical consumers, the stop-and-go at intensive city traffic or frequent short-distance trips draw a lot of energy from the battery. Often even more energy is drawn than can be recharged during driving. The typical operating state of charge of the battery is thus on average at 60 - 80 %.

If the battery is discharged even further, which often occurs in winter due to sub-zero temperatures and the increased use of additional consumers (seat heating, window heating, etc.), the consequence is often that the battery fails the next time the engine is started.

This is where the new strong battery from battery manufacturer MOLL helps: The MOLL XTRA Charge has a significantly improved charge acceptance compared to standard batteries and recharges much faster, especially when the charge level is low.

Chargeability of the battery diagram

The MOLL X-TRA Charge has been designed to recharge almost twice as fast as conventional batteries especially at low state of charge (60 - 70%). The state of charge can thus be kept on a higher level which has a significant effect on the service life of the battery. The MOLL X-TRA Charge owes this advantage, among other things, to the Nano Carbon Technology used, known from the development of the MOLL EFB technology.

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