The Premium Battery for hot climates

  • High thermal resistance

  • Particularly corrosion resistantlead-silveralloy

  • High vibration resistance

  • Highest leakage safety due to patented double lid

  • Manufactured with the know-how from original equipment

In countries with particularly hot summers or with a tropical or desert climate, all lead starter batteries face a special challenge: The impact of heat on electro-chemistry inside the battery. The higher the temperature, the faster the aging processes will develop. In particular, lifetime-limiting processes such as water consumption and grid corrosion are greatly accelerated. 

This is precisely where the MOLLHOT climate comes in. The MegaGridTechnology, with strengthened grid design in addition with the particulary corrosion resistant lead-silver alloy, results in an extremely high thermal stability of the MOLL HOT climate. Together with the extremely low water consumption, these properties ensure the extraordinarily long service life of the MOLL HOT climate.

Highest corrosion resistance


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