The direct alternative to AGM

  • Highest charge acceptance due to Nano Carbon Technology

  • Exceptionally good micro hybrid capability

  • Adapted to the on-board power supply behavior of an AGM

  • Replaces in the start|stopvehicle the AGM

The MOLL EFB start|stop was specially developed for the requirements in vehicles with start-stop function, mild-hybrid etc.. Therefore in relevant requirements for such vehicles it is even better than an AGM battery. However, the MOLL EFB start|stop is still manufactured in wet battery technology and therefore cheaper than an AGM battery. 

The MOLL AFB start|stop is based on the MOLL EFB start|stop -Technology, but its on-board network behavior has been adapted to the AGM battery, so that it can operate in vehicles whose BMS is set to AGM with the improved performance data compared to an AGM battery. The MOLL AFB start|stop is a full replacement for an AGM in vehicles, but with improved performance data. The MOLL AFB start|stop is the "better AGM".

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