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MOLL affords contribution to achieve climate change and energy political goals

MOLL participates in a network for energy efficiency “E.ON energy efficiencynetwork – Franconia interconnected” with the aim to save 11.061.000 kWh. Therefore Moll receives a certificate from the Federal Government.

MOLL EFB – test winner once again | March 2018

MOLL and METAIR Group announce strategic partnership | July 2017

The medium-sized battery specialist MOLL, from Upper Franconia, and the listed METAIR GROUP announce their strategic co-operation. This partnership will enable MOLL to secure considerable additional capacities for the production of start-stop batteries for the automotive  industry in Europe and Turkey. “In addition to its partnership with the Chinese CHAOWEI Group, MOLL is now taking the next step towards becoming producers of high-performance starter lead-acid batteries, with the capacity to deliver all over the world”, explains Gertrud Moll-Möhrstedt, Managing Partner of Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL GmbH + Co. KG. Over the next few years, the company will continue to invest six figure sums into its site at Bad Staffelstein, which shall be expanded as both a research and development centre and production site. […]


Further details about the strategical partnership can be found in the press release which is available in the Downloads area on our website.

Automechanika 2016 – We are looking forward to your visit! | September 2016

New MOLL tool for everyday workshop needs | July 2016

In order to keep our assortment of useful workshop accessories up-to-date, we have now added the new MOLL MT 1.2 PRO [tester for battery, grounding, starter and alternator function] to our product program. This is the first battery tester worldwide with completely graphical menu navigation. It is easy to understand the graphics display and the step-by-step instruction – without any language barriers whatsoever. The battery tester uses microprocessor-controlled testing methods to analyze the status of the battery.

The MOLL MT 1.2 PRO comes with integrated printer so that the test results can be printed out immediately after each test. Moreover the tester stores up to 80 test results which can be retrieved from the memory later on and, if desired, can be printed out again. If required, the test results can also be transferred to a PC via USB cable connection and can be saved there.

MOLL Premium – Now also in Daimler Vehicles! | January 2016

The customer portfolio of the Upper Franconian battery manufacturer MOLL has been enriched by yet another premium brand name: From now on, Mercedes vehicles of the A and B class will be equipped with start|stop batteries from Bad Staffelstein. The volume of the deal is a significant one.

It was preceded by a long-standing business relationship and a large-scale field trial that convinced the officials at Daimler AG. The first start|stop batteries were delivered to the Hungarian Mercedes factory in Kecskemét at the beginning of this month; followed by further deliveries to the Daimler locations Sindelfingen, Rastatt and Valmet Automotive in Finland.

"We are proud to have Daimler among our customers, and to be able to contribute to the fact that the vehicles with the eye-catching star will be driving with MOLL battery competence 'made in Germany'", says Martin Mantel, Head of Sales at MOLL. "This success is the result of a team effort of our whole staff in a competitive environment. The high quality standards that we apply to ourselves obviously correspond to the requirements of the big premium brand manufacturers. Experience, competence, technological know-how and innovativeness combined with the flexibility of a medium-sized company enable us to be a dependable partner of the German automotive industry."

MOLL develops own battery charger | October 2015

The main reason for complaints is deficient charge caused by different factors, and the resulting damage. All the more important is a professional battery charger with charging characteristics for Wet, AGM, GEL, VRLA, Ca/Ca and also start|stop batteries with AGM or EFB technology.

The MOLL charger is suitable for 6V, 12V and 24V batteries. With this charger, batteries from the automotive and leisure sectors can be charged and maintained. It also supports the voltage supply.

Unique: The MOLL RECOVERY charging characteristic reactivates even sulphated or deeply discharged batteries. This function can be utilized with all lead-acid batteries.

MOLL EFBplus – Kick-starting the next generation! | September 2015

MOLL’s start|stop-batteries in EFB technology have already been used by car manufacturers since 2012 with extreme success. Among them are the brands of the Volkswagen Group (Audi, VW, Skoda, SEAT). In the aftermarket, the high-tech battery is also on the fast lane.

Now MOLL is adding another chapter to the success story of the EFB - with the next generation called EFBplus! Currently, the EFBplus is already entering Volkswagen for their start|stop vehicles with diesel engines. Hereby, MOLL is the only approved VW supplier distinguishing themselves by featuring the EFBplus technology!

Thus, MOLL remains technology leader in the area of EFB technology, and the already well-known features of the current EFB success model, such as the long cycle life, excellent charging acceptance as well as the good heat-resistance (important for use in engine compartments!) have been optimized even further in the new generation of EFBplus.

Trainees | September 2015

This year, five young individuals have opted for an apprenticeship at MOLL Batterien. The team of trainees will be supported during the year by two industrial salesmen, two industrial mechanics and one electrician.  On their first day in the company, on 1st September 2015, the prospective specialists received a lot of impressions and information about their future employer MOLL and also met some of their colleagues. We wish all new trainees a good start into their training and look forward to our time together.

MOLL becomes global player | December 2014

At the Automechanika Shanghai trade fair, MOLL – for the first time together with Chaowei – is moving into the international environment and is thereby generating a great deal of interest, particularly in the automotive sector. In presenting at the trade fair, MOLL has underlined its intention to be a global player and supply customers beyond German borders. China is the most important market for the future of the automotive industry.

GTÜ confirms once more: MOLL batteries best in test once again! | November 2014

In the latest GTÜ test, MOLL proved once again with its start/stop EFB battery that the well-established company from Upper Franconia can produce top-quality products at attractive prices.

There was a considerable gap between MOLL's EFB technology and its test competitors. The use of EFB batteries is possible and cost-effective for almost all vehicles, with their significantly longer cycle life.

It was the "best battery in the test" as already confirmed in 2012/2013 by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation).

The Volkswagen Group has been relying on MOLL's quality for many years, which has thus enabled MOLL to lead the way in the technology for start/stop batteries. This has been rewarded with a range of new orders for this technological masterpiece.

Trainees | September 2014

MOLL has a tradition of having well-trained employees. The foundation of this is sound vocational training. On 01.09.2014, six school-leavers started their vocational training as industrial mechanics, electronics technicians, technical product designers and industrial management assistants. Thus, 16 young people are currently undertaking vocational training at MOLL. And such training tends to result in a future career: According to the company's philosophy, almost all trainees were offered permanent employment in the past.

Automechanika Trade Fair, Frankfurt am Main | September 2014

Automechanika Frankfurt is the world's largest trade fair for the independent spare parts market. This year, the benchmark event for parts manufacturers and dealers attracted around 140,000 visitors to Frankfurt. More than 4,000 exhibitors from all over the world presented their products and services to the public.

In addition to international wholesale trade representatives, many manufacturers were of course represented. Among them, Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL GmbH + Co KG drew great attention with one stand.

Under the term "3 times for the environment", MOLL focussed this year on:

  • Emissions

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental certification

Joint Venture | April 2014

MOLL, the Upper Franconian medium-sized battery specialist and the leading Chinese battery manufacturer CHAOWEI, which is listed on the stock exchange, have announced their strategic cooperation. Over the next three years, several million euros will be invested in doubling the production capacity for modern car batteries at the company's headquarter in Bad Staffelstein. In addition, through the joint venture, MOLL and CHAOWEI are constructing large production capacities in China, so that they can supply important clients such as Volkswagen, Audi and others directly in China. "This partnership will create the conditions to allow a medium-sized family business to successfully meet the challenges of global economy", said Gertrud Moll-Möhrstedt, Managing Director and Partner of Akkumulatorenfabrik MOLL GmbH + Co. KG.

MOLL, the Upper Franconian family business, has achieved success on a national and international level with its successful development of its modern EFB starter battery for start-stop applications. With this battery, specially designed for the most demanding use in stop-start vehicles, MOLL is helping to sustainably reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of modern vehicles.

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