Environmental and energy policy

Environmental protection as well as a responsible handling of our energy-related performances are fundamental elements of MOLL’s corporate goals. They are equally important as other goals like economic efficiency and our quality policy.

To reach these goals, we commit ourselves, amongst others, to the following corporate principles:

  • We consider it as our mission, to constantly check our production steps and products on their impacts on the environment in order to take countermeasures if necessary. Like this, accidents are being prevented and the impacts of our operations on the environment are being minimized according to the technological and economic framework conditions.

  • By continuously improving our environmentally and energy relevant processes and techniques, we want to contribute to the protection of the environment, the improvement of our environmental performance and the more efficient utilization of available energy sources.

  • Material resources and information, which are necessary to reach highest environmental and energy performance targets and continuously improve them, are being provided. Energy efficiency is an important selection criterion when it comes to the sourcing of energy relevant products and services.

  • We influence our important energy aspects. We manage the task of reducing our specific energy consumption in the long term by systematically reviewing and improving the energy-related performances.

  • We commit ourselves to observe all legal and official stipulations as well as corresponding standards concerning protection of the environment, our energy use, our energy consumption and energy efficiency.

  • We consider our suppliers as partners, who support us concerning the resolution of current environmental and energy matters, and who are also being supported by us if required.

  • We want to encourage everybody to act safely and responsibly by an open information policy, regular trainings and instructions. There is an open dialogue with public and authorities.

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