1945 – Established

Peter J. Moll and his wife Elisabeth had to exhibit energy and talent for improvisation at the production site at Bad Staffelstein, as at that time there was a lack of raw materials, equipment, machinery and money. Barely a year later, the first motor vehicle battery left the factory: with a high proportion of recyclable materials from used batteries. The customer base quickly grew beyond the borders of Bavaria.


MOLL has become an expert in battery technology and is an important partner for the automotive industry. A constant flow of awards from testing laboratories such as ADAC and Stiftung Warentest (a German consumer organisation), etc. confirm the high quality of our "Made in Upper Franconia" products..


First deliveries of EFB start|stop and micro-hybrid technology as an OEM
for Audi A1, A3, as well as for Volkswagen Passat and Golf VII.


Development of enhanced flooded batteries for the automotive industry. Ideal for environmentally-friendly start-stop vehicles and their specific requirements. MOLL EFB technology combines the advantages and robustness of traditional lead-acid batteries with a superior capacity and a lifespan over three times longer.


VRLA/AGM batteries for the automotive industry. Designed for the most demanding use in vehicles with high energy requirements or for tough continuous operation.


Development of double-lid type K2 (non-spillable battery), new development of highest protection against leakage in accordance with the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

2000 Patent

Battery state determination (BSD) system. The BSD system continuously measures current, voltage, temperature, etc., and also calculates the correct state of charge (SoC) of the battery.

Using this information, the vehicle electrical system can be controlled by the connection and disconnection of consumer loads, so that no negative charge balance occurs. OBJECTIVE: to maintain the battery fully charged by switching off unnecessary consumer loads and regulating the generator voltage.


Adapter flash arrestor, patented backfire protection


Ocean Power deepwater battery for use at depths of down to 10,000 metres


Intercell connection with Schneidring


New batteries in polypropylene containers

From 1953

Production of maintenance-free MOLL Kamina battery, which was sold in millions, revolutionised the motorcycle industry. Further Moll special solutions all along characterised the market and required plant expansion at the Bad Staffelstein site. 

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